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Data & Insights Hub

Data & Insights Hub

Since November 2021 Community Connectors, hosted by The Shoebox Enterprises CIC, have been having conversations in their neighbourhoods with residents to discover what matters to them, what they are passionate about and what they would like to do with others to help them flourish in community life. 

The insights from the conversations are thematically analysed by Norwich City Council by area. Key findings from these conversations can be viewed on this site. This data and insights will grow over time as Community Connectors continue to have conversations in their neighbourhoods.

The insights can be used to help shape the design and focusses of public services as well the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and to identify areas where further conversations and community research is needed to build up more insight into what's strong in communities and what Norwich residents value.

For more information on the background of the project and the use of the Data and Insights hub, please take a look at the project information

Please click on the sections below to view the breakdowns of the data we have collected so far.


A brief analysis and insight into common themes of neighbourhoods.

A top level analysis of the differences and similarities by neighbourhood, gender and age.

Demographic details of those we have held conversations with.

How to use the data, what impact it has had, and requesting more detailed data

Project information

Meet our friendly team of Community Connectors, hosted by The Shoebox Enterprises CIC.

Why and how the project was developed

How we collect and analyse conversations

Read how community conversations and connections are inspiring community action and collaboration and shining a light on what is strong in communities

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